The Last HOPE - July 18-20, 2008 - Hotel Pennsylvania - New York City

The following special projects are being planned for The Last HOPE:

Capture The Flag
The Great Lego Table
Hackerspace Village
Server Parking
Project Telephreak
Public Terminal Cluster
Radio Statler!
Digital Music Night
Segway Racing
Vintage Computers Demo

If you have a project you would like to propose be included at The Last HOPE, send a message to with details about what exactly you want to do and what you need to do it.

  • What is it?
  • How much space do you require?
  • Do you need power?
  • Do you need a hard line data connection?


Updated mezzanine floorplans are kept on the wiki.



Capture The Flag

Round the clock "competitive network combat" will be hosted by Packetwars. Bring your own laptop.

Radio Statler!

A 24 hour live streaming audio statio with all-original content. Currently seeking volunteers, show proposals, cool clips, and major sponsors.

Digital Music Night

Live music and visuals at the Hackers on Planet Earth (HOPE) conference on Friday night from 11:00pm to 2:00am.

Presented by,, and Radio Statler.

From robotic drummers to balance boards, sci-fi noir to spam folder, from circuit-bent to 8-bit to lots of bits and 3D data packets, it's an unusual night of hacked digital performance at one of the world's most notorious hacker gatherings.

Live Music:
  • Ezekiel Honig (Anticipate/Microcosm founder) explores warmth in electro-acoustic music "into a comfortable space between techno, house and ambient"
  • Ben Neill, "mad scientist of dancefloor jazz" (CMJ Magazine) continues to evolve live music with his newly-redesigned, original mutantrumpet
  • Michael Una plays custom digital, acoustic, and circuit-bent instruments, with a robot drummer, for rhythmic, textured, and melodic musical experiences
  • Todd Thille makes sounds from the electromagnetic signals of potted plants
  • Guitarist Animalstyle plays through home-built 8-bit fuzz pedals and Game Boy foot controllers
  • Roger Tsai DJs with hand gestures using his original digital gloves "Groovy Hand"
  • Peter Kirn balances musical styles and Wii balance boards with a live music and keys set and vocal strains pulled from his Gmail spam folder
Plus Live Visuals:
  • Joshue Ott creates live visuals with his homemade superDraw generative illustration tool
  • Paris and Don Miller (No Carrier) create glitchy, lo-fi visuals from custom-created 8-bit visual software on Nintendo and Commodore systems
  • vade spins out live hacker imagery and sniffs data packets in 3D
  • Bill Jones creates live cinematic worlds inspired by sci-fi noir

The Great Lego Table

Bring your old Lego blocks and combine them with others to make a giant Lego sculpture garden.


"Hackers to Track Visitors at The Last HOPE" reads the headline on blogs and news sites across the Internet.

This summer, hackers from around the world will track the movements of thousands of visitors to New York City.

As part of a social experiment, attendees at a hacker conference in July will be issued badges with electronic tracking devices. Large displays will show in real-time where people go, with whom they associate, for how long and how often.

The tracking technology, known as RFID, is fast becoming an unseen part of everyday life. This July, for the very first time, the general public will be able to participate in the transparent operation of a major RFID tracking program.

Conference attendees will participate in games built around the tracking system. Players will seek ways to protect their privacy, find vulnerabilities in the tracking system, employ data mining techniques to learn more about other participants, and choose how much personal information they will disclose in order to play.

This demonstration will be open to the public at The Last HOPE conference from July 18-20 at the Hotel Pennsylvania in New York City. The first 1500 preregistrants will be guaranteed an RFID badge enabling them to participate in the game.

Sponsors sought. Contact:

The Hackerspace Village

Do you have a lab, factory, warehouse, or other "hacker space"? Do you know there are other hackers in your area who want to build one? The Last HOPE is building the first "hackerspace village" to help bring together existing project spaces and inspire efforts to build them. Show hackers from around the world how you built your space, what you're doing with it, or what you would do if you had one! Learn about, build, and help grow the global hackerspace movement. E-mail with some details about your space or plans for building one.

Server Parking (aka "NOC NOC")

A coat check for live servers. Bring your box, we'll put it in a cage and plug it into a switch for you so it's on the network. Looking for BBS servers, video servers, game servers, Asterisk boxes, etc. For reservations email

Project Telephreak

There will be a gathering spot for phone phreaks and their hardware. Visitors to this space will be able to call anywhere in the world for free using converted old payphones, "butt-sets," rotary phones, and all other manner of classic teledevices hooked through an Asterix box and an off-site service. People will also be able to call-in to the conference.

Public Terminal Cluster

The Public Terminal Cluster (PTC) project brings the hardware, software, and staff needed to provide free public internet access terminals to HOPE conventioneers.

Segway Racing

Back by popular demand, we will once again have the Segway "personal transporters" available for attendees to ride and race.

Vintage Computers Demo

Also retunring, The Mid-Atlantic Retro-Computing Hobbyists (MARCH) organization will be bringing in an assortment of older machines for people to play around with.